cheap chinese food. how you feed a billion and a half people

Common Courtesy

“Ah, there was one of these nurses at that time where I worked. She still is very much alive. She worked downstairs at the out-patient clinic but I was in the in-patient, worked in the in-patient department. And she says to me, ‘Clark, what would you rather be called, Nigger, Negro, Coloured, or Black?’ I said, ‘Neither. Just call me Clark. Because I don’t know who I am? I’m of a mixed race because of how I look.’ My two grandfathers were slaves and their fathers, grandfathers were white men. And my grandfather on my mother’s side married an Indian woman. I don’t know what nationality, whether it’s Cherokee or what. My father’s mother was a black woman. So I’m black, Indian, and white, God knows what else. Buy my name is Rebecca Clark, so you can call me Rebecca Clark. So that was my answer.”


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This entry was posted on August 7, 2012 by in white power.
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