cheap chinese food. how you feed a billion and a half people

Food Shame Spiral

FOOD SHAME SPIRAL (AP). Food shame spiral food shame spiral food shame spiral. “Food shame spiral food shame spiral food shame spiral,” Food Shame Spiral food shame spiral. Food shame spiral, food shame spiral food shame spiral food shame … Continue reading

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This Is What Democracy Looks Like?

My “colleague” at Tropics of Meta has published a new book, Democracy of Sound, which has been getting some play online.  Much of the reception seems fairly positive, but I’d like … Continue reading

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“One Shining Moment” my Ass – The B.S. of March Madness

My newest post over at ToM (tropics of meta) on why I the NBA matters more to me than your precious March Madness. Click here.

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This will end in tears

I have a new post up at the Tropics of Meta.  It’s a mild gloss of David Greenberg’s attack on Howard Zinn in The New Republic.  The innocent will suffer, … Continue reading

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Joan Didion, 1968, and Yesterday’s Occupy Movement

“The very architecture of California State colleges tends to deny radical notions, to reflect a modest and hopeful vision of progressive welfare bureaucracy, and as I walked across campus that … Continue reading

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Where is Barbara Fields when you need her?

In a dumpy convenience store in Over-the-Rhine, I was standing behind a couple of pitiful lottery-players, waiting to buy my daily twelve-pack of Natty Light.  One guy comes up to … Continue reading

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Hillbilly Halloween and the Hippy Clambake: Coping with America’s Ridiculous Political Conventions

I have a new piece up at Tropics of Meta on the DNC and RNC.  My academic loser friends let me get a few jibes in at their precious Democratic … Continue reading

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